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Mat Lepak

Mat Lepak

Vice President, Wealth Advisor

At the core of every successful relationship – whether personal or professional - there are two key factors: communication and care.  Using those two simple principles as a guide, Mat has devoted himself to being a trusted confidant and a resourceful problem-solver for family, friends and clients alike.  With an emphasis on education, he enjoys learning about his clients and helping them build and manage their wealth intelligently. 

Mat began his career in finance in New York City in 1994.  Watching first-hand as the introduction of online trading increased accessibility to millions of investors, he quickly realized a need for client education.  Joining what was then Waterhouse Securities, he focused on helping clients understand the intricacies of the market and trading.  Two years later, he accepted a company transfer to Tampa, Florida.  Advancing to Branch Manager and Regional Advice Coordinator, he oversaw teams of advisors in Ft. Lauderdale, and Vero Beach, as well as coordinating training for the firm’s advisory platform in the Southeast region. 

In this coordinator role, Mat became intimately acquainted with the registered investment advisory model which focused on managing client wealth rather than generating commissions.  Following his belief that this model’s fiduciary standard allowed an advisor to focus on the clients’ best interest, in 2008 he accepted a position in Chicago where he led the national distribution efforts of a private investment firm working exclusively with high-net-worth individuals and families.

Through each of his roles, Mat’s focus has been on growing and developing relationships with clients.  His first-hand experience working at firms offering a wide breadth of financial products ranging from mutual funds to private equity has given him a strong foundation to assist clients in determining what best suits their situation.  Upon meeting Dale and Angelica Wolf, he knew he had found kindred spirits that share his passion for helping clients and was thrilled to join the organization.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Mat currently lives in Nokomis with his wife of 23 years, Debbie.  They have 3 daughters in college pursuing degrees in history, biology, and engineering.  In what little downtime he manages to find, Mat enjoys a wide range of creative endeavors from sculpting, to writing, to building vintage-styled tiki bars.