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Who We Serve

At AWA Investment Advisors, our clients range from families new to investing, executives, business owners and those transitioning into or living in retirement. While our clients’ ages and backgrounds may differ, many share similar concerns, including how to cope with market volatility, create an income that will last a lifetime, preserve their savings, pass wealth to the next generations and many more. Not only do clients want help making appropriate financial decisions specific to their unique situation, they also want to make sure they work with an advisor they trust to provide them with unbiased advice and personalized recommendations.

As a team of independent advisors, we uphold the highest level of ethics. We remain objective in our advice and only recommend investments or services we believe align with each client’s specific needs. Because our advisors have diverse backgrounds and specialties, our team can serve a wide range of complex financial needs.

We enjoy working with clients who are committed to pursuing realistic goals and who understand the value of working with a team of financial professionals. Wherever you may be in life, we can provide objective advice and honest guidance, working alongside you and your family for generations to come.