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Angelica Wolf

Angelica Wolf

VP, Branch Marketing

As the Vice President of AWA Investment Advisors with more than 12 years of experience in the financial services industry, Angelica Wolf is passionate about helping clients feel welcome from the moment they enter the office. In overseeing the client experience, she strives to see every life the firm touches brought into a deeper understanding of how money works. She works with AWA Investment Advisors staff to ensure clients’ expectations are met and that they are receiving frequent communication through events, social media, phone calls, and appointments. Through her role, she seeks to help clients to feel comfortable knowing their best interests always come first.

Angelica has always had a passion for business. Her father was a successful businessman in Mexico and ran several businesses, including a factory that manufactured jeans. Having come from a family of entrepreneurs, Angelica always dreamed of running her own business. Early in her career, she started and ran a successful property and casualty insurance agency for several years. As Vice President and co-owner of AWA Investment Advisors, she enjoys the opportunities she has to get to know clients on a deeper level. Working with such a diverse client base, she learns something new and interesting every day.

Angelica is actively involved in her community and has won numerous awards for community service and public speaking. In Georgia, she worked for United Way as a Campaign Executive, was a member of Leadership Georgia, and served on the Commission for a New Georgia’s Leadership Development Task Force. She has also volunteered for various government entities, including the census bureau, the court system, the police department, and a Jury Commissioners committee.

Angelica’s favorite pastime is writing. She has won several awards for her poetry and previously worked as a freelance writer for two Spanish-language newspapers. Outside of the office, she and her husband, Dale, are motorcycle enthusiasts. She loves riding her own motorcycle and occasionally joining Dale on longer motorcycle tours. Together, they also enjoy traveling the world and experiencing other cultures.